Meet the Team

CEO & President


Sales & Administration


Cherie Ruffo

Cherie Ruffo firmly believes in living in a world where impossible problems can be transformed into  I-M-Possible successes.  Chrysalis Environmental Services was created with long-time friend, Karen Messier while they were managing a not for profit needle disposal project for the Diabetes Foundation of Rhode Island...

VP of Marketing & Product Development

Public Education

Karen Messier

Karen Messier is the Vice President of Marketing & Product Development at Chrysalis Environmental Services. Aside from designing marketing and education materials, she is responsible for setting up new sites for kiosks and keeping track of the progress and needs of each site. Karen is careful to mind all of the little details, ensuring your Zeedle location will run smoothly.

Director of Operations

Kiosk Service & Repair

Dewayne Jacobs

For as long as Dewayne Jacobs, aka “Jake,” can remember, he has always been interested in the environmental field. His first job related to protecting the environment was working for a plating company back in 1987. Jake was responsible for transforming waste water back to its original state. During the plating process, ...

Web Master

Website Troubleshooting

Nicole LeBoeuf

Contact her at (401) 575-2927 or for assistance.