How to Operate Your Zeedle: Zeedle Manual

PLEASE CALL KAREN MESSIER IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES WITH KIOSK OR MEDICAL WASTE PICK-UPS.  If you require an additional medical waste pick- up, you MUST contact Chrysalis Environmental Services. Calls made directly to Curtis Bay may result in an additional fee.

**Please contact Chrysalis Environmental Services for billing issues or general inquires.

Curtis Bay is the contracted company for Chrysalis Environmental Services, LLC.

In the event of a spill, immediately contact chrysalis environmental services


Placement of Kiosk

  • A Zeedle should never be placed outside or exposed to the elements.
  • If bolting your unit to the floor, make sure the kiosk is at least 8" to 1' away from the wall, so the back panel can still be accessed.
  • All kiosks must be positioned so the medical waste company can easily access the back of the unit for maintenance.
  • Make sure the kiosk is placed where the lower access door can open all of the way. The medical waste box inside the unit cannot be removed if the door does not open all of the way.
  • The kiosk must be placed in an area where an attendant can monitor the lights.
  • The kiosk has to be on level ground. There are adjustable feet on the bottom of the kiosk that can be used to make sure your kiosk is stable.


Tips for Operating Your Zeedle

  • The kiosk must never be used without an interior medical waste container.
  • Never remove the interior medical waste box. ONLY authorized people may remove it.
  • Never leave anything on top of the kiosk.
  • Always make sure the bottom door is securely locked and the key has been removed. If the light is flashing red or yellow every two seconds, the door is not locked.
  • Please leave your keys in a safe, easily accessible place. You may even want to make extra copies in case they are misplaced or lost.
  • The key must be made available for the medical waste company.
  • The kiosk should be left on site at all times.
  • Never allow single needles into the kiosk.
  • Be aware when your kiosk is 3/4 full and call for an additional pick up if needed. (Check with your contract to see if your site has one or two pick ups per month.)


Light Sequence

  • Flashing Yellow Light: The kiosk is approaching full
  • Flashing Red Light: The kiosk is full and will automatically lock
  • Red Flash followed by an Immediate Yellow Flash (every 2 seconds): Front door of the kiosk is unlocked
  • Red Flash followed by an Immediate Yellow Flash (every 10 seconds): Batteries are low. (This sequence will only last until the batteries die. If you open the front door and there are no lights, then you need to change the batteries.)


FAQ (frequently Asked Questions)

The red light has appeared on the unit and the united locked down, but you are uncertain if the unit is full. What should I do?

If the sharps or medication containers fall in a certain pattern and stack on top of each other the kiosk may read full when there is still available space inside the tub. You may want to open the front door and look inside the box to see if there is room in the box. If the box is not full, shake it to rearrange the sharps containers. When you close and lock the door, the kiosk will scan the levels of waste in the box and the light will turn off or turn to yellow.

The kiosk has locked and we believe the unit is not full. What should I do?

Sometimes after the waste has been removed, the new bag liner may have air pockets, and this will measure a full level of waste in the box. If this occurs, you can pat the bag to release the air. When you are done with the bag, push the box to the very back of the kiosk and make sure the spill kit is to the left side of the box.

How do we clean the kiosk?

Chrysalis Environmental Services will extensively clean the kiosk once a year. If you have an electronic kiosk, the batteries will be changed during the cleaning. If you need to clean outside of the unit, please use a spray cleaner and a sponge, soft cloth, or paper towel. No abrasive cleaners should ever be used.

What happens if something falls into the kiosk?

If a child's stuffed animal or toy falls into the unit, it shouldn't be returned to the customer. If something valuable, like keys or jewelry falls into the kiosk, please call Chrysalis Environmental Services immediately to determine what the next steps should be.

Our kiosk is full, but our next scheduled pick up isn't for over a week. What should I do?

Please call Chrysalis Environmental Services to determine your best option. We may be able to reschedule your pick up or add an additional pick up. DO NOT call the waste hauler directly, or you may be charged for the additional pick up directly.

What do we do if the battery dies?

The batteries should last approximately one year. However, if you think there might be a problem with the batteries, you can change them. The batteries are located behind the back panel. The key you have will open both doors. Before you change them, check to make sure the batteries are securely fastened by pressing each battery gently into place. The batteries may become loose if the kiosk is moved.

If you are under contract with Chrysalis, we will change the battery yearly when the kiosk is cleaned. If the batteries die in the mean time, you can change them. You will need four C batteries and a small screwdriver to remove the bracket.

Kiosk Battery Replacement Procedure

  • Unlock the door located at the back of the kiosk.
  • Using a Philips head screwdriver, loosen both of the screws holding the battery bracket.
  • Lift the bracket straight up to remove it.
  • Remove the old batteries and replace with new ones. They should "snap" into place.
  • Slide bracket back into place. Tighten hold down screws.

What should we do if we are changing the location of our site?

Please contact Chrysalis Environmental Services immediately. Your contract may require us to transport your kiosk. The kiosk must be empty before it is transported. The interior container should only be removed by our authorized medical waste company.

The unit should be transported in an upright position whenever possible. Only transport once the interior container has been removed.

Our site will be closed on a scheduled pick up date. Who do we call?

Please call Chrysalis Environmental Services prior to the scheduled pick up date to reschedule your next pick up.

We need to bolt our unit to the floor. How do we do it?

Each site is responsible for installation; this may require hiring a private contractor. This is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the site.

Important: If bolting the kiosk to the floor, it must be at least 8" to 1' away from the wall so the medical waste company can access the battery and reset buttons.


Do's and Don'ts

What you should and should not allow in your kiosk

Do Allow

  • Any sharps container that will fit in the upper roll door.
  • A one gallon (or smaller) puncture resistant container (i.e. bleach bottle or laundry detergent bottle).
  • A one pound, sealed, taped coffee can.

Do Not Allow

  • NO glass containers.
  • NO plastic or paper bags.
  • NEVER leave a sharps container outside or on top of the kiosk.
  • DO NOT allow children to play with the access door or sit on top of the unit.


Trouble with your kiosk?

If you're having any issue, we'd like to hear about it and we'd like to help. Submit a work order request here so we can help you as quickly as possible.