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Chrysalis Environmental Services produces products, services and educational programs to ensure the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of residential medical waste.  But we can't do it alone... Find out how you can help.



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The Chrysalis Needle Disposal Kiosk holds more than double

the capacity of sharps containers than most other receptacles.

Higher capacity mean less medical waste pick ups.

Less medical waste pick ups means lower cost to YOU!

Sleek Design- perfect for Pharmacies, Fire Stations,

Municipal Buildings & Waiting Areas

New Electronic Kiosk with Exclusive Safety Locking Options


Sleek design

Large waste bin for fewer disposal pick-ups

Safety features for your clients protection

Less expensive than bi-weekly pick-ups

Custom labeling available

Easily incorporated into any community collection program


With 16 years of experience in residential needle disposal

community collection our kiosk was designed

with YOU in mind.

For YOUR safety, our electronic kiosk is the

ONLY kiosk that detects waste levels and locks when full.


Chrysalis - The Only Choice