How to Operate a Zeedle

To operate the kiosk, simply approach the front of the kiosk, place your hand on the ridge of the barrel door and pull down slowly. Holding the barrel door down, place the waste container into the opening and slowly close the door. The kiosk will do the rest. It's that simple!

What Makes a Zeedle Safe

First and foremost, our kiosks were designed to protect you, your waste haulers, and your community.

  • 14 gauge steel construction for security and durability
  • Limited access roll bucket door for safety and cost minimization
    • Eliminates access to the collection bin
    • Ensures sharps containers are directed to the center of the bin
    • Prevents unnecessary waste pick ups
    • Locks when the kiosk is full
  • Weighs approximately 130 pounds and measures 54 inches in height, 21 inches wide, and 23 inches deep, taking up about as much space as an armchair with a sleek design perfect for lobbies and waiting areas 
  • Large corrugated collection bin designed to contain sharps containers and other acceptable household receptacles
    • Collects 4.5 cubic boxes (30-50 sharps containers)
  • Operates on four C batteries and does not require AC power 
  • Indicator lights shows the status of kiosk
  • Sonar identifies waste level
  • Patented safety lock hinge
  • Custom labeling available

What Goes In a Zeedle?

A sharps container is a hard plastic container designated for medical waste, such as syringes and lancets, and marked as such. If you do not have a sharps container, other household items can also work as sharps containers. 

They must be: -Labeled “Hazardous Materials” or “Medical Waste” -Hard metal or plastic (not glass) -Non see-through -Difficult to puncture -Tightly sealed  

Alternative Sharps Containers Include: -Bleach or laundry detergent bottles -Tape-sealed metal coffee cans

Basic vs Electronic Model Kiosks

We have two different types of kiosks: basic and electronic. The basic model kiosk is very simple to use, however, it requires your visual inspection to continually monitor the level of waste in the collection bin. To determine the level of contents, open the inlaid door on the front panel with your provided access key. The inspection of the bin should be visual in nature only. No one, under any circumstances, should ever come into direct contact with the contents of the collection bin. This is bio-hazardous waste material and should be treated as such. Unlike the basic model, the electronic kiosk does not require a visual inspection. There is an indicator light located on the top left corner. There are four light sequences to alert you. 

  • When the collection bin reaches fifty percent capacity, the indicator light will flash yellow, alerting you that it is time to schedule a pick up.  
  • When the kiosk becomes full, a sensor automatically locks down the roll bucket door and the indicator light will flash red. This prevents the deposit of additional waste.  

    For YOUR safety, our electronic kiosk is the ONLY kiosk that detects waste levels and locks when full.

  • When the batteries are running low, the light will slowly flash red and yellow. 
  • When the lower access door is open, the light will quickly flash red and yellow, alerting the waste hauler so that the door will never be left unlocked.  

The Chrysalis Needle Disposal Kiosk holds more than double the capacity of sharps containers than most other receptacles. 

Higher capacity mean less medical waste pick ups. 

Less medical waste pick ups means lower cost to YOU!

Medication Disposal

Chrysalis Environmental Services also has kiosks available for purchase for residential medication disposal. Currently, all of our medication disposal kiosks have been placed in police stations due to current regulations on disposal. Additional locations can be approved for specific programs. The cost of the Zeedle kiosk and medical disposal kiosk are the same.

Pick-up Options

For the disposal of your medical waste, there are multiple options for pick up services. You will never have to come in contact with the contents of the kiosk. In fact, the electronic model is virtually spill proof. A trained professional will arrive at a predetermined date and time to your site. Pick up services are available weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or upon request based on your individual needs. If the collection container approaches the full mark before a scheduled pick up, a service call is required to exchange the full container with a new empty one. Visual inspection of collection container is required for basic models only.  

Meet Ziggly & Zed: the characters we will use to educate children about proper needle and medication disposal. 

Our Education Plan

Education = Awareness

= Compliance