About Chrysalis Environmental Services, LLC

    Chrysalis Environmental Services produces products, services and educational programs to ensure the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of residential medical waste. The company was founded by Cherie Fisher and Karen LeBoeuf. Before establishing Chrysalis Environmental Services, Cherie and Karen managed a nonprofit foundation tasked with raising awareness and money for programs to help children and families with diabetes.  It was during that decade of tenure, that they witnessed the problem first hand; the rampant improper disposal of residential medical waste in local communities. 

    The first Kiosks were designed by Cherie and Karen in 2000 and under a program they developed and titled “Eureka! Sharps Disposal”, the kiosks were placed throughout the state of RI.  It soon became clear to Karen and Cherie that the solution was required nationwide so they purchased the rights to their kiosk design and established  Chrysalis Environmental Services in 2006 as a for profit company and have expanded their sites to MA and NY.  The kiosks have since been re-branded to “ Zeedle” and are complemented with a fun-loving educational campaign to support and educate communities about the dangers of discarded needles and medications. Karen and Cherie have dedicated over a decade of their lives educating and raising awareness to this growing environmental problem.

Our Mission

    Chrysalis Environmental Services strives to be the primary choice of communities, businesses and municipalities for the environmentally safe disposal of residential medical waste, and the positive promotion of public awareness.

Our Method

    By collaboratively working with our clients, the Chrysalis leasing system is designed to assist communities in achieving:

  • The proper disposal of residential needles and lancets
  • Keep medication and sharps out of household trash, recycling bins and from entering the solid waste stream
  • Prevent the spread of infectious diseases and the contamination of drinking water and the waterways
  • Prevent injury to humans and animals
  • Provide the public with an adequate number of collection sites for home-generated needles and lancets
  • Remove used needles and unused/expired medications from circulation and prevent the sharing of needles

History and Founders

  • The founders of Chrysalis have been involved since 1999.
  • Over a 9 month period in 1999, Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation experienced:
    • A 40% increase in the occurrence of loose sharps on the MRF line.
    • 6 worker needle stick injuries at a cost of $40,000 to $50,000 each.
    • A $120,000 loss due to shut downs on the line.
    • A loss of productivity at the plant and reduced worker morale.


Eureka! Becomes EPA Model Program in 2002

  • Over 10 million sharps collected through 2009.
  • Gave away over 8,000 sharps containers in the first year alone.
  • 100% reduction in worker injuries.
  • 50% reduction in loose needles at the MRF.
  • 50% reduction in financial losses.
  • Significant improvement in worker morale.