Cherie Ruffo

Cherie Ruffo firmly believes in living in a world where impossible problems can be transformed into  I-M-Possible successes.  Chrysalis Environmental Services was created with long-time friend, Karen Messier while they were managing a not for profit needle disposal project for the Diabetes Foundation of Rhode Island.  A colleague told them safe disposal for residential needles and medications would be impossible to solve.  That challenge set Cherie and Karen on a new career path where they were joined a few years later by Michael, Jake and Lori.  The team has been working outside of the box to solve the problem ever since.

The world of not for profit and Chrysalis have not been Cherie’s only endeavors.  While building Chrysalis, she supplemented her income by working in other arenas.  Along with the title of entrepreneur and inventor, she is also the founder and Spiritual Leader of a New Thought Church in Providence, RI, Unity Radiant Light.  Most recently, she added Author to the mix by completing the first in a six-book series published in April of 2016.  “Amanda Fisher & the Source Crystals” is a middle grade fantasy novel for kids ages ten to sixteen about activating inner abilities to overcome obstacles at all odds.

When Cherie left the traditional not for profit world almost a decade ago to pursue her dreams, she didn’t realize that embarking on this adventure would turn the world into her playground.  She loves working in the field of social entrepreneurship, surrounded by her creative and talented business partners, solving a huge environmental and public health problem.

Cherie has a Bachelor’s Degree from Old Dominion University and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Divinity at Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute.  She lives in Norwich, CT with her husband, Daniel, and three dogs.  More information can be found about her at